The Brocante Round-Up!

By Alison October 13, 2021 No Comments 10 Min Read

It struck me today as I jiggled endless pots of tea for plumbers fixing leaks here, there and everywhere, and tried to bring a little order to the chaos reigning all around me, that while I’m awfully good at creating lovely little somethings I am also tragically terrible at telling you about them and so allow me to introduce a new monthly post here at Brocante: The Round-Up – a veritable feast of all that is going on at BrocanteHome so you don’t have to go a-hunting, for heavens to Betsy, haven’t we all got enough on our ditsy floral plates??

So each month I will share what I have been creating for my members, any pertinent notices, all the new downloads in my Etsy shop, a list of the blog posts you might have missed, community happenings and of course our bookclub choice of the month.

And so without further ado, let’s get going!

First Up: New In Store!

This month I have filled up my new Etsy store with all manner of seasonal loveliness…

1.My Housekeeper’s Journal: Designed to accompany you on the road to a domestic life less ordinary, I want you to think of The Housekeeper’s Journal as a modern-day Commonplace Book – a place to note all the little somethings that crop up in your day: the recipes and websites you want to remember, the aromatherapy blend that made the house smell truly scrumptious, the funny things the kids say, that fleeting dream you woke up wanting to remember for always, and of course, all the lists you care to make! With a variety of pages for you to write, collage and sketch upon, make the Housekeeper’s Journal your own and you will over time create the loveliest record of life at home, that I hope you will come to treasure for always.

Buy it on Etsy here or Download it at Homeschool if you are a member.

2.The Autumn House: Today I bring you the second of my Life-Book editions of my best selling little seasonal books, re-designed to fit into your Seasonal Brocante files, and now including some new worksheets and journaling pages for the use of. With all the same thoughts, puttery treats, decorative suggestions and of course my Autumn reading list, I hope it will inspire you to really enjoy Autumn in the most Brocante of ways. May your Autumn be blessed with snuggly days.

Buy it on Etsy here or Download it at Homeschool if you are a member.

3.100 Scrumptious Things To Do Before Christmas: Are you ready to countdown to the Christmas of your dreams? Then welcome to the BrocanteHome 100 Day Christmas Countdown: 100 lovely, puttery tasks to take you all the way to Christmas Eve – organised and blessed by the loveliest of festive details you might otherwise forget. Detailed and joyful in the way only BrocanteHome can be, these gorgeous puttery suggestions will have you on the road to festive bliss one day at a time, so you will never feel overwhelmed and will find yourself on the way to creating a truly beautiful festive season.

Buy it on Etsy here , read it day by day in the Community, or Download it at Homeschool if you are a member.

4.October – A Month of Puttery Treats: With one perfect puttery treat ( a little seasonal to do for heart and home) for every day of the month, a new ritual, routine and celebration for the month of October and a worksheet to help you set your soul’s intentions. this gorgeous BrocanteHome download is the perfect way to bless the month with tiny seasonal joys, help you stuff as many home comforts into your days as you can and truly make the most of October…

Buy it on Etsy here or Download it at Homeschool if you are a member.

For My Members.

  • As well as the downloads above, over at Homeschool we are creating our Christmas planners. Page by page the planner is released with my commentary, advice and inspiration for each part of the process so we never feel overwhelmed…

(LOOK OUT for the complete Christmas Planner in my Etsy store next week!)

  • I also released the Brocante Advent calendar for my members: designed to sit inside your Life-Book, the Advent is a day by day calendar for the month of December so you can work out what the month looks like in terms of obligations and commitemnets before you start stuffing the month with festive puttery treats.

And of course there was our weekly Betterment posts which as always can be found here...

The Brocante Bookclub

Our next bookclub choice is The Love Story of Missy Carmicheal. Described as a Coming-Of -Old story, we will meet in the Bookclub to discuss it on Wednesday 10th November to give us all a chance to read it and gather our thoughts!

Get it on Amazon.Com here, or Amazon.Co.Uk here.

Or download it as part of your Scribd subscription, where you will be able to listen to it free of charge. (And if you use my link, can help yourself to 60 days FREE reading, listening and magazine browsing!)

P:S, In some countries The Love story of Missy Carmichael is also published as Saving Missy,)

Blog Posts You Might Have Missed

Numbing Out. Dumbing Down: in which I realise I need to address some social media addictions, raise my authentic game and get back to pursuing a life less ordinary instead of looking for a quick and easy comforts when life feels stressful

Housekeeper’s Diary. In which there are RATS. Enough said, right?

And What Self-Care Means: In which I have a mini rant about how we have the right to choose all that soothes us without puritanical judgement. (Honestly, you will like me when I’m cross!)

And Finally a Few Notices

There are still SO MANY of you with existing Homeschool subscriptions who have not yet used the link I sent out last month to hop inside Homeschool. Please let me know if you don’t know the status of your subscription: you are missing out and I so very much want to get you inside HomeSchool so you can reap all the benefits.

That said, please, please, please don’t use my old email address to contact me, nor Facebook Messenger: I barely check them because I tend to talk to my members within the community, so please consider contacting me there first – you will get a MUCH quicker answer and I don’t have to be checking here, there and all over the place constantly worrying I’m missing somebody!

And last but not least, I know a few of you love what I do here, but cannot afford, or do not want to commit to a membership, and I am frequently asked if I have an online tip jar. So now I do! Though I found everything to do with money mortifyingly embarrassing because I am so terribly English, I am of course utterly grateful for anything you care to share as tiny businesses like mine get back on their feet after the Pandemic and the costs of running a space like Brocante keeps rising.

Have a lovely week won’t you Housekeepers? As always I am so very grateful for all your support and it remains such a privilege to be able to help you create a life less ordinary the BrocanteHome way…

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