The BrocanteHome Summer Sale – Part One

By Alison June 23, 2024 3 Min Read

OH YES! It’s that time of the year again… the first of only TWO sales I hold each year: one in December and this one, in June: for Summer is just the right time to make a project out of getting organised the BROCANTEHOME way, and year on year, my Library subscription gets bigger and better and YOU get a whole lot more for your pennies!

I have spent twenty years creating AMAZING content and it is ALL yours in the LIBRARY. Every download, every planner, every timetable, every recipe book – ALL OF IT – and again it is just $99.00 for ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING. Though I do say so myself, there is simply no better PRINTABLE lifestyle deal on the interwebs – all of it blessed with my own brand of inspirational routine, ritual and gorgeous celebration of the women we are.

So what’s included in this GORGEOUS deal?

  1. Every single download in my ETSY store: YUP, every single seasonal download, printable and timetable. 68 WONDERFUL, extensive printables – from housekeeping planners, to month by month puttery treats, and room-by-room guides to life the Brocante way.
  2. A years worth of DETAILED DAILY housekeeping timetables and accompanying monthly journals so you never have to wonder how to to keep house the Brocante way.
  3. My gorgeous courses, The Edited Woman (a 52 week guide to decluttering) and Muse, a fabulous guide to aligning yourself with the woman you always intended to be.
  4. Renaissance Lifestyle – my exclusive, extensive guide to how I lost seventy pounds and how you can to. Yup, even if you too are Peri-Menopausal.
  5. Over fifteen MACRO-COUNTED seasonal recipe books and accompanying lifestyle guides. All yours!
  6. Every Seasonal Alchemy HUGE monthly download coming this year.
  7. My absolutely BRILLIANT Brocante Bootcamp, 21 Days to Calm and Goal-Setting Courses!
  8. And for this OFFER ONLY= starting the first week in July, access to ROUND TWO of RENAISSANCE – my extensive, astonishing course to re-inventing yourself in mid-life.

I HAVE NEVER OFFERED BETTER VALUE and I truly hope you will take advantage of this amazing offer as it makes for the most wonderful way to kickstart a more authentic way of nurturing heart, home, body and soul and of course once you are inside the Library, everything I create for the rest of 2024 is also yours for the taking!

Ready to dive in?

Pay in full and pay just $99.00 for every year you are a member – locking this price in for ALWAYS.

I can’t wait to welcome you inside.

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