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By Alison June 3, 2007 1 Comment 2 Min Read


I woke up this morning and thought well now, seen as I am  footloose and Finley free I could spend the day in bed. Or take a three hour bath. Or polish my knitting needles. Or take Woof the toy dog for  a  walk  around the neighbourhood…

Or I could  do something  constructive instead.

So equipping myself with a pink tin full of poppy seed shortbread and a porcelain mug overflowing with builders brew, I balanced my geriatric laptop on my knee and set about creating the all new, all singing, dancing and probably somersaulting Brocante Home Toolbar

Oh will wonders ever cease? This my Darlings, is the Vintage  Housekeepers fast track to heaven. The answer to my prayers and the lazy girls answer to staying in touch with all the goings on Chez Brocante

Never again do you have to schlep (I love that word!) between the Chronicles and the forum in the faint chance that there is something new to read, because this wonderful toolbar will tell you whats new, whats hot and whats not. Whether I have hauled my sorry ass out of bed long enough to offer you something scrumptious or whether Betty from Ohio has come up with another "must try" recipe for corn beef and cabbage.  No more will you need to tra la around your email sites, type in the web addresses of essentials like Ebay, Amazon or Etsy, or wonder what the weathers going to do three weeks on Wednesday because it is all there Sweeties, sitting in your browser looking pretty. Wanna send me a message? Click message and fire away.  Wanna see who else is online?  Click chat and off you go.  Search everywhere  from the archives  of  Brocantehome to the  vaults of Ebay via a quick tour around Google or the dictionary. Add  Itunes, a calorie  counter (if you  are that  way inclined), a mini tv, or  heaven knows what else in the gadget section, and best of all, click the two little arrows on the furthest right hand side of the toolbar and wile away the hours with Brocante Radio (actually BBC Radio 3, or Classic Gold or whatever takes your fancy really…)

I’m plain old thrilled with it. Go download it and say Hello!

1 Comment

  1. Absolutely genious! I'm using the toolbar several times a day. I wish I had half your talent on the computer! I'm only just getting started but I'd love it if you'd check it out sometime (

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