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  1. I think they are lovely and practical !! Go for it and be the original , vintage, beautiful car owner you want to be ! You will be in the car the most so enjoy your surroundings and Brocante-home it up 🙂

    1. Completely a yay-er! I remember the article you wrote years ago on Brocante Home-ing your car! I am sure your muse would approve! If someone gave you a lift and had these in their car I think you would be enchanted! Why do dull when you can do delightful?

  2. OH MY! I have to have these! Except my “car: is a pick up truck so might not work. But then again, the truck is blue. LOL! Not sure my dear hubby would like riding around with vintage rose seat covers. As for your question, I think if you love them you should have them. It is your car and you should have it the way you want it.

  3. Yay! Yay! And again Yay! These are beautiful! And why not brocante your car? I have patchwork cushions and gingham hearts in mine, and I keep toying with a crochet headrest and steering wheel cover but can’t quite decide….

  4. Yay all the way! I love them.
    I have a little red pick-up truck. I wonder if there’s something pretty that works with red. My husband uses my truck quite a bit to bring debris to the landfill so I doubt he will be happy if I get pretty covers.

  5. While I am a complete chintzaholic (even down to my chintz tissues) and I love the fabric but I think even I would think these in a car would be a step too far especially as I have two sons and I do like them to be speaking to me! (Which they probably wouldn’t be once I had given then and their friends a lift) The fabric would be gorgeous on an ironing board though !!
    Good luck with your new car Alison. Have you given it a name yet? My son called his first car Genevieve.

  6. Definitely go for it! Many of us would join you if we didn’t have to share with a man. How about some ideas for scenting our chariots , my friend puts fabric softener sheets under the seats. A blanket of some kind is always a good idea to keep in the car, so what kind of warm softness can we find to fill that need. If ‘re going to “toodle” around, how about naming her “Toodles” hehehehe. Such fun!! Enjoy!

  7. I like the idea but I’m not a big fan of this specific print. I feel like the blue should be brighter/sky blue to make this modern instead of old-fashioned. They’ve got some cute polka dot prints.

  8. These will look fabulous. I say go-for-it and commit to beautifying your car. Floral seat covers and a polka dot/gingham/plaid steering wheel cover and little organizer pockets for the backs of the seats. Start the revolution. Girly cars for girly gals. Onward Brocante-car!

  9. Dirt magnets 🙂 I have a few of those too! We’re pretty good about not eating in the car, but we still need a regular dee cleaning on the car. I like the idea of washable seat covers.

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