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  1. …sweet funny friend across the sea…you already have your book…and it is this…and all the other too funny and wonderful tales you keep us looking for daily…now go put it together …and get the thing published! laney

  2. Yes, I agree with Laney. If I were to tell the stories of smelly things my children must be witness to, there'd be a closed book in no time. However, when you tell it… giggles and lovliness! Blessings… polly (p.s. my son's are the silverware culprits here too – they use the spoons to pop their heelie wheels in and out!)

  3. YES YES YES!!!! This IS the book, simply glean off choice posts, this one included. I can see it on our library shelves now, it would have a beautiful vintage image on the cover, enticing us to take it home. In the meantime, I feel a party theme coming on, “mis-matched” cutlery night anyone?? Rejoice in your Bobthomasspongepuss tack!!! x

  4. Ok…….so was it really a mouse, or really a sock then??!! Cos if it was only a sock, why did you throw the fork away????!!
    Anyhoo – I love that cutlery doesn’t match – in fact my favourite restaurant in St Ives, Cornwall, prides itself on it’s shabby chic oddness. And I love it. As I’m sure your dinner guests love spending the evening at yours. Can I come next time?!
    PS: I had to contend with a real LIVE frog in my dining room the other day, courtesy of my pesky cat……

  5. Very good. Did the sock have whiskers? I have many odds socks in my airing cupboard. Who knows, maybe their partners are gambolling behind the skirting board.

  6. You are too funny. You really do need to write a book 🙂
    Things always seem to disappear
    at our house too..who knows what happens to it all.

  7. I often wonder where socks go to hide!!
    oh and I’d love mismatched old cutlery…our set is new and shiny and modern…and is somehow lacking for that!
    Ouissi x

  8. A prior engagement?? And miss all the fun that is Alison!? Not a chance! 🙂
    We moved into a lovely old house in the country once, that had a rather unfortunate mouse problem. My husband set a mouse trap ON the kitchen counter, and the next day there was a mouse, alive, caught by the tail… said hubby went to pick up the trap, the mouse got loose, and hubby promptly stabbed it with a fork that matched the set my Grandmother had given us for our wedding!!!!
    Needless to say, that set is missing a fork… 🙂

  9. Do you remember a US tv series called Eerie Indiana? They had an episode called Bureau of the Lost. It was fantastic. That's where all your stuff is…

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