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  1. Dear Alison, I am looking forwards to planning Christmas with your help once again 🙂
    I want to email you about the vintage housekeepers group, but can’t find your email anywhere on your site now. Have you deleted it? Or am I being blind?

  2. Really looking forward to the Christmas countdown. Taking one of your ideas from last year, I bought some Christmas scented pinecones in a net bag in the sales and put it in my ottoman. I have been adding things such as festive napkins and the smell that greets me as I open the lid to add things is wonderful. Thank you for the inspiration! Oh, and I’m already stockpiling the Christmas spice Zoflora!!

  3. Christmas spice Zoflora? I need me some of that!!!!
    I’m loving the chance to get these on Kindle. I’ve got my Christmas planner ready and I’m all set for a beautiful, vintage and very Brocante-d Christmas!

  4. Hi Alison, I’m loving the 100 days countdown. The 30 days one is good but 100 days to enjoy Christmas is even better. I just adore the pictures you are using. They are taking me right back to my childhood in the 70’s. I still have a little red flock covered bambi from then that I hang on my tree every year. Lovely memories.
    Keep up the good work. Alison C

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