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By Alison February 16, 2018 1 Comment 5 Min Read

My friend and I once discussed the possibility of opening a hotel for tired ladies, with a stern, bossy-boots, no-nonsense Hattie Jaques style  Matron at the helm who would insist we did only nice things for ourselves during our two night stay. A someone in a crisp white uniform who would feed us only nutritious food, run baths, cajole us into bed early and listen while we spilled out our hearts and remembered who we used to be, as she massaged our exhausted temples and painted our toenails a pretty colour.
The truth that this kind of nurturing, precious hotel does not yet exist (shame), but the fact remains that deep down inside, our exhausted Muse gets to to screaming Stooooooooppppppppppppppp in the kind of screechy, escalating whine it gets harder and harder to ignore…

 Where did you go to my Lovely?

Because here’s the thing: modern female life is really, really hard so don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. You are not alone.
There is nothing easy about managing houses, and children, and dogs and men and mortgages, while trying to serve nutritious meals to the masses three times a day and run a business, or trot off to the workplace daily with not a hair out of place. None of it is easy and somewhere along the way you find yourself eating junk to fill a hole, doing daily battle with hormones, feeling as though your domestic life is about to spin off its axis, losing sight of your creative self completely and worrying about your hairy legs and the state of your relationship day in and day out. All at once. Interfering with your sleep, and giving you constipation, and making you bonkers and screechy and worse resentful (terrible thing, resentment) and envious and mean and filled with the kind of longing it barely does to acknowledge let along give in too in case you find yourself taking a ferry out of the country before you have had time to water the plants and kiss the cat goodbye.
Hell yeah. Life is hard. And that two week annual holiday does little to stop the whirlwind that is your head because it doesn’t let you stop and think, but merely requires the stress of  lost passports and the nightmare of squeezing into a bikini.

You need to STOP sweetie… S.T.O.P.

Stop and eat only life-enhancing food. Stop ignoring the whine inside your head. Stop busying through your day and start planning the rest of your life. Stop accepting that this is it. Stop winding your body up with coffee and red wine. Stop ignoring your creative self. Stop believing you have no control. Strop the noise. Stop the stupid late nights. Stop the diet coke. Stop eschewing fruit in favour of a packet of crisps. Stop moaning and do something about it instead. Stop!

Just STOP.

Imagine that! Calling time on the madness and re-setting your entire life in just two blissful days…
Because my lovelies with the all new Brocante Creative Home Spa that is EXACTLY what we are going to be doing: stopping, re-evaluating the way we live our lives and starting all over again in two, moment by moment, hour by hour detailed days so that we can remember exactly who we are and thrust our way into a fresh start feeling scrumptiously refreshed, full of domestic and creative ambition and ready to take on the world again!
Two days that are entirely about you. Two days when you can drown in your very own self , dance with your Muse and re-embrace authenticity in a body that feels refreshed and a soul that feels inspired.
* Start The Creative Home Spa on a Friday evening and end on a Monday morning or indeed on any two free, beautiful days.
* Prepare everything you will need for the program two weeks before you start with a comprehensive shopping/gathering list and introduction to the soul and science behind your two lovely Spa days.
* Fit the days in around other obligations if necessary, but do your very best to beg, borrow or steal as much alone time as is heavenly possible.
* Follow my detailed Spa Day instructions, questions, recipes and suggestions to the letter for the two days required, or mix and muddle them to suit.
* Be prepared to rummage around your soul and truly face and embrace all of your creative and domestic tomorrows.

The Creative Home Spa

The Creative Home comes in six parts: an introduction, a gathering list, a recipe book and two comprehensive, detailed timetable of your two days with all the motivation, explanation and instructions included, alongside a workbook to follow so you can document your experience and your plans for your creative future in one place.
Think of me then as a slightly thinner, less scary version of your very own (admittedly eccentric) Matron! Guiding you through each hour, meal, task, and moment in a minute by minute exacting timetable. Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone show you how to STOP? To hold your hand as you do all those things you have only been dreaming about doing for yourself?
It really would you know. It helps you see, to not have to think for once: to simply follow instructions and in the process remember what freedom there is to be found in not having to think about anything other than nurturing the woman you used to be. From the moment you close your eyes on the first evening, to when you open them again three days later, you will be guided by yours truly, so that just for once you can truly and wholly let someone else run the show…
* Each and every meal, drink, and nibble is described for you with recipes and shopping lists.
* In between each meal and suggested task, there will be a series of Nurturing To-Do’s, Puttery Treats and Meditative Moments. Three types of extra special tasks designed to help you slow down and reach inside to excavate your most authentic self.
*  There will be time for self-guided tasks built into the program, but three evenings and two days of the Spa will be similar in focus so that you can enjoy the quiet rhythm particular to self -nurture and hearing yourself think.
* Reading will be specified from one of two life-enhancing books. Neither will be demanding but both will help you re-set your mind and capture your hopes and dreams for all your tomorrows.
* All recipes for cleaning products, aromatherapy blends and other organically inspired treatments will be included.
* As will recommendations for music, guided meditations and further reading.
Can you do it? Can you carve out two days just for you?

 Can you find the time to save your own life?

Yes. I KNOW you can. I KNOW you are committed to feeling better. To being better. To planning more and floundering less. I KNOW you are the kind of person who has finally resolved to save her own life…


You NEED this don’t you?
Click below to buy The Creative Home Spa and you will receive all six parts of The Creative Home Spa instantly, so you can start planning your own spa as soon as possible…
Do it for yourself Darling…

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  1. maria smith says:

    Wouldn’t every mom love that! The thing I don’t love about leaving home for a few days is the amount of work that is there to greet me upon my return. It seems like every room needs a deep cleaning! Does anyone else feel the same way?

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