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  1. Oh Alison I know how you feel, I was without a pc at home for about 6 month this year due to a problem with our stupid internet provider. Luckily I still had my pc here at work. Bear up, I'm sure your laptop will come back soon and we are all here waiting for you!

  2. It IS a modern day addiction — especially when your work is all done on the internet. Your co-workers then become other internet business owners. Instead of having a quick chat in the lunch room, you pop into a chatroom for a bit of a water cooler skinner.
    You have my utmost sympathy and best wishes that your trusted computer will be home and well again asap.
    Cheers ~ Maureen/Vintage Grace
    PS – I have finally procured my own copy of James Blunt's cd. It is now the only one I listen to — day in and day out. I am madly in love with his poetry and angst. Now to return the favor, if you do not have the cd by the group Keane called Hopes & Fears, run – do not walk – to your nearest shop and purchase it. I promise you, Keane and James will share equal air play!!

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