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  1. Yes,I love Marian and have read all of her books,I was aware of her battle with depression,her website was not updated for well over a year,but she seems to be coming back to us! Hurrah! I have the new cook book,its brilliant! and she has you will be aware discovered ‘De twitters!’ and keeps us all regailed thus,I hope she continues to stay well,it is a demon I battle myself at times and I think you will agree that when it strikes,it comes from nowhere and then when I come out at the other end I wonder what the Hell it was all about!

  2. blast!  another book i must have.
    i actually see this conversation coming up a bit more and more in my rounds, it’s up there now with oh my children are growing up so fast and i am so proud but they are turning on me fast.
    i wish it was something i didn’t know about.  i wonder though, does it ever really go away?  i find myself in upswings and downswings  and when i think about having to work through the process of overcoming it, it scares the right hell out of me, better to ride the waves.
    but…..i think you are right, each person needs to find that little thing that gets them through and makes them happy and be kind to ourselves.
    i find hot tea, hot baths and chocolate are good.  baking is too….and finding words like these.

  3. I love Marian Keyes’ books – she’s a great writer and I had seen her cake book on the bookshelves at my local store but didn’t have time to check it out – will have to have a better look! And – just for something silly – I saw this on Pinterest and laughed so hard I could hardly breathe – thought I’d share – hope it cracks you up too – so aspirational!

  4. What a beautifully written post. I recently got Marian’s book (the Saved by Cake one) and it turned me into a total fan of hers, for all the reasons you describe above so perfectly. The cakes are fantastic (my first were the Blondie cupcakes; YUM!) but you’re so right, the book is so much more than that.
    I’m bookmarking this post and I’ve signed up to your mailing list, thanks very much for that.

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