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  1. I think CBT would help the OH, if he were willing to at least try it. His perpetual dissatisfaction with life makes him terribly unhappy and I’m at the end of my rope with trying to deal with it. Its no way for anyone to go through life. May I ask Alison, are you seeing an NHS therapist or a private one?

  2. You are doing SO well, Alison!! Those of us watching you and cheering you on can see progress where you can’t, because you’re in the middle of it all, actually DOING the work. CBT is some amazing stuff, it changed my life, literally and no exaggeration. There are some iPhone apps that help you with it, which I use when things get a little out of hand in my life. I can’t wait to see your office when you get it finished (you will instagram it, won’t you?).

  3. Congratulations Alison. You mentioned that the car and the office space are small(?) steps forward. You didn’t mention the considerable step of engaging in CBT. I think it is also worth acknowledging how much effort it takes to do ANYTHING when you are in a bad place, so the car, the office space and the CBT should count for double!
    As you say to us so often – be kind to yourself and please don’t try to be normal – you will just leave the rest of us feeling inadequate!

  4. I’m so happy for you, even though I am clueless about the “letters” you are using . I have no need for a desk but I have just acquired a craft room [not crap room as my hubby teases]. I love having the designated space to make my own and the ability to just get up, walk away and close the door when real life calls and I have to get back to it. I have cozied up the space with dodads and whatnots to make it my version on heaven and it’s a real treat to go in there every chance I get. I hope you love your new space as much as I love mine!

  5. What a beautiful way of thinking of it, reconciling what should be with what is. Good luck, and enjoy the journey x

      1. Oh….thank you! Will have to look this up…
        The desk is a great idea, by the way. I have one I have been working on as well, with hopes of just sitting in one place for thinking, writing, doing…..not much of anyone of those three happen anyway….so here’s to sorting and orgnaizing!!

  6. Good for you Alison. When our second son left home we turned his (very small) bedroom into an office/sewing room/library (well somewhere to store all the books we have acquired. As Amanda said it is wonderful to get up and close the door on whatever I’ve been doing.

  7. Trying to be normal? Now that I’m 40, I’ve come to the conclusion that being “normal” is overrated. Trying to be the person you want to be is hard enough. Shouldn’t we set our own standards? Your blogposts aren’t “normal” either, and that’s exactly what I like about them! 😉

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