The Dull Stuff.

By alison December 16, 2006 3 Comments 2 Min Read

Oh in the midst of all the imaginary snow and jingle bells, I suspect you are going to hate me today…
I know I am supposed to be providing you with all kinds of inspiration for a scrumptious Christmas week, but here’s the thing: you can’t enjoy the fun stuff if you haven’t made sure you have addressed the oh so very dull stuff…
Yes I’m talking telephone bills and toilet rolls, the banking and an hour or two with old Uncle Jim.
I don’t care what you say: it has all got to be done before you can even think of pulling a celebratory cracker, so today is the day…
1. Get your calendar out and make sure plans of other family members haven’t changed.
2. Make all the phone calls you need to this afternoon just to make sure that everyone else’s plans are all in place (What time will your Mum be arriving? Does she want you to pick the kids presents up beforehand? Will Nana need a lift? Is your sister still bringing her Christmas cake etc, etc.)
3. Cajole the kids into telling you everything you need to know about their last week at school: have they wrapped their friends gifts? Do they need gifts for their teachers? Is the last day fancy dress or bring a toy day etc?
4. Check through your lists: is there anything that needs to go onto a last minute mission list-How are your stocks of the dull stuff? Got lots of gin and no teabags? Remembered the Christmas pot pourri and dangerously low on washing powder? No bin bags? Go check!
5. Are there bills that need paying? Last minute cards to send? Make a trip to the bank and post office Monday morning a priority if so…
6. Do you have enough cash for the next ten days? Draw enough out for day to day expenses and enough for emergencies. Yes I know all the atm’s in the world won’t run out, but it’s just one more thing to do in a week that should be dedicated to delicious things, so do it now and you won’t have to think about it again…
7. Same goes for petrol. Get enough to cover the next few days of last minute errands…
To me these next few days are about enjoying all the hard work I have put into the house over the last year: I don’t want to be bogged down by forgetting the dull stuff, I want to be able to close my door on the world around about Wednesday night and enjoy all the mince pies
and rubbish TV I can cope with…
This is why you work so hard to create a beautiful home: so that when it really matters, you are blessed with the joy of festive peace…
Have a deliciously dull weekend, Housekeepers!

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  1. Savannah says:

    Good advice. I know we can't enjoy the fluff and finery if we are out of toilet paper!

  2. Savannah says:

    Ah, yes. Socks. I am thinking of Sarah's advice to go buy seven pair of socks. I need at least that many and nice hose, as well. I rely on long skirts and ignore so much when it comes to myself. This has, has, has, hAS to change!

  3. Mrs. K Martin says:

    Well, finally someone with a wee bit of sense in this crazy rushed holiday! Thank you for the list, you just reminded me……

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