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  1. Hi Alison. It’s all about new beginnings isn’t it, and September is as good a time as any. I can identify with your feelings about growing up. When my dearest Mom and Dad passed away suddenly within a few weeks of eacb other three years ago I too felt that I suddenly had to grow up and be the adult. I was no longer the daughter and had to make decisions on my own without someone to ask for advice and wisdom. It was (and still is) quite scary, but we have to carry on as best we can and go forward in our new (but totaly alien) normal.
    All the best to Finn as he starts his new school and to you with your new ventures. Alison C.

  2. I was able to move on once a year’s worth of firsts had passed when my Mum died three years ago, and she was 94 at the time and I was no spring chicken at 61 so heaven alone knows how you have held it together.
    I love autumn, we change curtains, cushions and bits and pieces in the living room and dining room which makes it more cosy.
    Hope Fin enjoys his new school.

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