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  1. I’ve had fun playing with Touchnote on the phone. For about £2 you can print off and post a card to yourself using a photo; not only do you get your family picture printed out, but you get happy mail!

  2. I take photographs of all the rooms in the house at Christmas with all the decorations up. I also take pictures of rooms I have organised. It is a good idea to go round the house occasionally and photograph as a record of how it was on an ordinary day. I wish I had photographs of my Grandmas house so I could “walk” round it and relive my memories. Too often we take pictures of people and forget our homes. How lovely it would be to see our childhood rooms again. This is something we can do for our children.

  3. Such wise words, Alison! Because to be honest, who wants to sit at someone’s computer or with someone’s phone in their hand and look at pictures. I would rather have a photo album to page through, or admire photos in beautiful frames.
    One of my great-grandfathers (died in 1974) was a professional photographer, as was his father before him. Because of their profession, photos from that branch of my family are numerous. I’ve scanned a bunch of them and have made a couple digital scrapbooks. I’ve also framed a couple, including one of my great-grandmother and 2nd-great-grandmother, taken in 1910.
    The purpose of photos is to remember people, but if the photos just stay locked in our camera, computer, or phone, they are not serving their purpose.
    Patti @ Embracing Home

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