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  1. Perhaps because it is the first relationship after the big one has finished – it is a whole new ballgame and we are none of us 21 anymore ? Better times ahead, promise

  2. Perhaps because it is the first relationship after the big one has finished – it is a whole new ballgame and we are none of us 21 anymore ? Better times ahead, promise

  3. This too shall pass … and perhaps a wonderful friend will come out of it.
    Now go hug your little curly-headed sweetheart. They heal the heart, those toddlers do.

  4. Ah, Alison. So sorry you are having such a rough patch right now, especially now. There is something about the holidays that make everything bad seem ten times worse. If I lived near you I would ask to watch B. Jones with you. Also, I would offer you one of my kitties for the week; they would be sure to take care of your "new friend". Though, personally I find it horrific what cats do to mice…it's so meanhearted!
    Take care….

  5. But isn't it wonderful to know that it can happen again? I know, it still stinks right now, but its a small consolation.
    Big Hugs to you! Grab a big bottle of red, lotsa chocolate & wallow with Bridget….

  6. Don't fret Alison! It only meant HE wasn't the one. Remember it is all kismet. Drown your sorrows in a big vat of merlot and a M&S binge. Breathe deep. very best wishes.

  7. (((Alison)))All those terrible cliches actually make sense at times like these, especially "everything happens for a reason". We just don't know the reason yet. Best wishes to you and your bubba(who becomes more adorable by the day!) this Christmas. Lisa X

  8. i had the same idea as Lizzie: yes, the break up of the first relationship after the "big one" is the worst as I know from experience. Mind you, he was a bit of a swine (and had also just come out of a Big relationship. With hindsight, didn't stand a chance.) Hugs.

  9. Try not to wallow too much, capitalize on the feeling of strength you must have right now. You have let go of something you wanted sooo bad because of the bigger picture. Use that strength to go out and do all the other things you know need to be done for the best for you and yours in the long run. Keep that feeling of strength to carry you through Christmas and on into the New year when all the bad things about 2006 will whither and die and your new independence and strength will grow. Keep some tissues handy too!!! Hugs

  10. I wondered where you were!
    No wonder there was such a silence. I'm sorry Alison. How frusterating. I agree however, with the poster who said, to remind yourself that this means it can happen again! You're still attractive and alluring and you'll find the right one eventually. Kudos to you for making the tough choices and for still being sweet about it. I have a terrible tendency towards demonizing exes just to make myself feel better.

  11. I'm so very sorry, Alison. I don't have anything soothing to say to take away your pain but I do send my good thoughts your way.

  12. Alison
    Remember this, I love you. I did even before we met. I loved the thought of you. It just happened that the real you was better than the dream.
    My memory of you will be the way you throw your head back when you laugh, and a million other little things that made you my Alison (even for a short time).
    It was just the timing that was wrong, thats all. I'm hanging on to New England as tight as I can.
    Seeya darling
    P.S. This is my post secret to the world, and its just for you.

  13. Just one thing to add Angel. We all love you and I am very proud to have such a beautiful talented and soon to be strong niece….and just let any one get in my way!! love you very much. Barbiexxxx

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