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  1. I truly believe in sticking by William Morris' mantra of only having those things in our homes we believe to either be useful, or truly beautiful – and nothing in between! If I don't LOVE something, I don't want it generally (but then I am an all or nothing kinda gal!)………… might both of you sticking to that help?? x
    PS: When choosing a 'forever' dinner service (special occasion or otherwise) you gotta love it enough to want to actually USE it and I found it useful to buy/ask for more place settings than you think you need, plus all the accompanying matching 'bits' – just in case of breakages/the odd large Christmas guest lists/the pattern being discontinued in the future! x
    Good luck!

  2. Don't worry about boring us, Alison. I'm sure everyone else loves hearing all these details as much as I do. Reading your words makes me recall getting ready for my wedding 15 years ago. It would have been nice to have had a place to purge all my inner feelings about its complications as your blog is doing for you. Consider it a wedding present from all your blog fans to be here to listen and support! Best wishes and try to enjoy the moments.

  3. BORED? Are you kidding? I am thrilled to be living vicariously through your tales of preparation for your wedding! I can't wait for the next installment!

  4. Warmest congratulations Alison, we love you and cannot wait to share this lovely new phase of your life with you. Hugs and kisses to you, Rich and Finn.

  5. Oh it isn't boring at all! It makes me glad that I don't have to resist prying! We had similar gift-list games with the scanner! x

  6. This post made me smile Alison. Particularly because I still remember the vintage tea towel/engine oil 'incident' by the one who shall remain nameless from years gone by. I say lay the law down now my girl! Let no man come between you and your household loveliness.

  7. And "sharing every last detail" is deliciously fun. I feel slightly like we're all at one big late night, intercoastal slumber party, discussing the tidbits of life with your new man. Makes me happy. 🙂

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