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    1. This past summer my (then) 3.5 year old son came running up to me, blue eyes wide, blonde curls bouncing, peered earnestly into my face and said solemnly, apropos of nothing at all, “Petew Wabbit used to get into MISCHWEF”.
      “And then he got into TROUBLE, right?”

      *nods vigorously, with the face of an angel* “Yeth. He got a whippin’!”

  1. hi! i left you a tweet but not sure if you got it? so i am leaving a comment here in the hopes you see it? how do i become a superstar ie: link for subscription and how much? i am asking hubbie for it for my christmas present. i looked on the past blogs and i clicked the $80 link and it referred me to the paypal but i didn’t think it was still $80 or is it? do you mind commenting here the link i can click to register? thank you!

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