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  1. May I vote on the wellies?! yes, Yes, YES! Did you SEE how pretty they look with your border?
    We haven't camped {I mean the family in it's entirety}, since a very long vacation with our three, {one a toddler}, and a borrowed neighbor child. {Which means I haven't gone}. I have, however, asked my husband for a trip out to enjoy nature this Summer {assuming we have a Summer, and the snow in the mountains melts.} I'm dying for a little wind in the trees and birdsong. I'm betting Finley is gonna LOVE sleeping under the stars! What a wonderful weekend you have planned!
    And . . .one more thing I must add, this was oft repeated, still is . . . about my first child . . . "There is an imaginary line where my comfort zone ends. Zach stands on the other side of it."
    I hope you have the most wonderful time! Blow a kiss toward Oxford for me!
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  2. run…do not walk …and buy those absolutely wonderful boots now…they match your blog …you must have them…and having had boys who are now men…they survive moms who are unique…in fact they love us…to bits…as you would say…

  3. Hi Alison,
    Love the wellies! But, if you want to maybe peruse an alternative before you commit, have you see the Joules wellies with the ribbon bow at the back????!!!! I'm rather liking those too, and they might keep Fin happier…………… not that that should stand in the way of life's small pleasures! It IS after all our job as a Mum to be as embarassing as we possibly can isn't it?!
    So envious of your glamping trip – have a WONDERFUL time!!!! I would love to do a music festival, any sort of festival in fact, with my hubby and daughter, and the vintage glammed up genuine VW camper van I lust after, but both declare they would rather saw off their own arm with a blunt knife……. *sigh*
    So I shall just have to live vicariously via your trip instead – which I have no doubt will be rich with joy and laughter! xx

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