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  1. At least he will be moving in to your place and not moving Finn and you into his house. That stability should help you and Finn get through the transition easier. Cheers to your love!

  2. I completely understand!
    I find change a bit horrific too. I have clothes which are 20 years old, many of my childhood toys and a complete inability to get rid of the mankiest piece of junk once I've had it long enough for memories to accrete on it. And for me, if I could be both single, with all the freedom and control that entails, AND live with my man (whom I adore) at the same time, that would be perfect. An impossibility of course.
    I have to remind my self that non-change is definitely worse than change.
    Good luck with the decorating (which sounds very pretty), the Sherlock Holmses and your lovely new inmate. Being unsettled by change is surely not the same as wishing it away. Is it? x

  3. I think being scared is normal. Change is scary, even if it's change you want and welcome. I was terrified when I moved in with my fiance (now husband). Just remember that the first few months are the hardest, as everyone adjusts, and don't despair if things seem a bit strange at first.

  4. My friends still laugh at the wallpaper I had for 25 years and loved for every minute of it. It was still the thing I missed the most when we finally moved to another house. Thanks so much for your visit and kind words. Yours has always been a favorite place to visit.

  5. I understand your fear honey,but this is some kind of wonderful! be glad be happy and enjoy every moment! even the decorating,Next year is going to be FANTASTIC!!! I just know

  6. It's a rather delicious kind of scary, don't you think? Today, together, you are sanding and softening the yesterdays, smoothing and preparing a canvas for painting wonderful tomorrows. {hug}

  7. It sounds like a wonderful kind of scared! But as long as you go with your heart, everything will be amazing for you 🙂

  8. Oh my dear and darling Alison. I'm so glad that I scrolled down to this post. It's been too long since I've visited. I've been wondering how it's going… praying for you and Finn and Richard (and even Mark sometimes – Do you hear much from him these days?). Yes, it's all normal. I love how you said "sandpaper all my yesterdays away". You know, some of my favorite pieces of furniture, favorite places in the house are places that have had their yesterdays sandpapered away. I guess that's part of what's built into us as vintage-lovers: we adore the history of things. But we also know that most vintage pieces, although beautiful on their own, will be better with just a bit of clean-up. I think that Richard's touch on your vintage life will make it all the better. And you'll love your house and who you are as you live in it – maybe that joyous, rare type of love that is doused with contentment. Even as I write the words, I too feel apprehension for you – knowing the hurt you've been through. But big risks are usually the ones that we remember with tears of joy later in life. I say, jump in head first!
    ((hugs)) Blessings… Polly (p.s. Are you getting married by the way? I read that he's moving in come Spring but I haven't traveled far enough back in your posts to see if there's a wedding coming. Oooo – I hope there's a wedding. It would be so fun to shop for wedding gifts for you! *smiles*)

  9. Dear Alison, I have been reading your blog since the beginning. I couldn't be happier if you were my own sister! If he ever hurst you…he'll get a boot from this old gal and it won't be pretty.
    Aint Love Grand When It's grand!?!

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