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  1. I really cant wait to see it! for whatever reason I have always been totally obsessed with this era of royals,I fancy I have read every book published on the subject of Wallis Simpson and Edward,this lead on to the story of his brother whom of course took over the role of King and of course our beloved Queen Mother who's role I think,was never fully appreciated until recent times.Fascinating stuff.Am so glad you gave it a good review,looking forward even more so now!

  2. I want so badly to see this. But I'll probably have to wait for the DVD. You have made me even more excited to see it. And you made me laugh-out-loud about your friend. Sally

  3. Oh, no way would I fall asleep during "The King's Speech"! But I must admit to nodding off twice during yesterday's viewing of the utterly ridiculous drivel that is Jack Black's "Gulliver's Travels." My husband, kids, and I all agreed that poor Jonathan Swift must be turning over in his grave!

  4. Oh it is a wonderful film! I loved it so much…and wondered how, in just 40 years we went from those wonderful clothes to shell suits and such horrors? Not that I ever had a shell suit, but you know what I mean!

  5. I went to see Black Swan which I thoroughly enjoyed but I definitely want to see The King's Speech too. It sounds wonderful. Hope you are well. x x x

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