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  1. I love it! Knowing that letting go is easier said than done, I believe I’ll make my own “letting go” jar to remind me that it can be done. Thanks so much…

  2. Pretty certain I have never commented but God I have cried and laughed with you, you have some hard, no, bloody awful years and I don’t know how you have made it through but you have with that wonderful writing and family and Finn and fun. I re read your book quite regularly and I only re read the best, Doris Lessing, Barbara Pym, Nancy Mitford and you.

  3. What are the chances of you adding an archives button on your site? I am so far behind in my reading and paging through each individual one and finding where I left off is tedious. Pretty please?

  4. I need to put a mistake my husband made into my let it go jar. if i know this why is it so hard to actually do. Alison so much of what you write applies to me too …….. i can only thanks you from deep in my heart.

  5. Thank you , thank you both , the ” let go jar ” is now on my wish list as you can imagine I have a little pile of stuff to put in this jar ,and Miss Copplestone you are enlightened !!!

  6. Being so much more base minded than other people I have the ‘f##k it’ switch…when it all gets too much and I am being driven demented by something or other I hit the switch, shake it out and move on…P.S. there is an incredible amount of wonderfulness in your family…a picture tells a thousand words.x

  7. What a great idea!
    (I know I have no right, but I may be a bigger gossip than Finn & I’m dying to fully know the story of that man who did you wrong!)

  8. Let It Go or Shake It Off… they’re incredibly useful songs when it comes to teaching children (and adults) resilience. Go write your lists and put them in that jar, honey, make your favourite tisane and rest up for the weekend!

  9. As someone else said I would love to see the archive bar back. I do remember it being there before. Made it much easier to navigate the site. I would also love more pics of your day to day life. I have never been to the UK and I always love getting a peek into how people live. Other than that your writing keeps me coming back. I love your wit and honesty. I have read that you some times feel like you are boring us readers with your mundane but you are not! It’s so nice to come here and read about your bouts with the washer or your son etc…I love it all. I do hope you keep this little vintage space on the web alive 🙂

  10. Poor little Alice. So sad you are thinking of letting her go. Sometimes if you put the cat and dog in the same room for a while (and perhaps watch from a window) they will find their own level. But I don’t know they are getting on, or not, at the moment. All the best. Alison

  11. Good Morning Alison,
    Just thinking of you as I start my day way over here across the pond. Sending you a hug and a hello.

  12. I have an antique half gallon jar. You know, I have too many let it goes for a jelly jar, pint, or quart… But a gallon seems self serving, now. Doesn’t it. I’m so sorry about your trust betrayed. It goes without saying you cannot always both know and love a person. … At the same time. Hugs…. Gayla

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