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  1. Loved this, could relate to so much of it. We too are having a minimalist Christmas, just immediate family and pared down decorations and gifts. We have decided to get off the Christmas merry go round and look for something simpler and more meaningful for our own sanity. It seems in every direction we look we are assaulted by Christmas, what we should do, should by, should look like and should spend and it seems to us quite ridiculous. We will therefore buck this trend and enjoy quiet fun family times with nice nourishing food and 2 meaningful gifts each. I hope this will be a pleasing end to what has been a nightmare year, and a tranquil beginning to the New Year. I wish you the same.

  2. Oh Dear Alison. I just loved this post. It sounds like “the old Alison”is back !,
    You’ve had such a time of it lately and I’m thrilled things are back on track and it reflects in your writing. I too can’t wait for the new Simple Abundance. I like so many others have read and reread it so many times over the last 25 years. I look forward to doing the same with this new one. Take care Dearest friend whom I have never met but feel as though I am one of your besties. Lots of love always …Maureen xx

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