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  1. Wow…I know I used to be able to work hard like this, but as I get older I feel exhausted just looking at this list! Still, will do my best!

  2. As I’m still suffering from sodding sciatica (almost 4 months now) the house has become somewhat shabby. Living with 3 men doesn’t help (husband & 2 teenage boys!). Hubby said he’d put the bedding in the washing machine yesterday and he did just that – didn’t switch it on! So your post was a real motivator. I’m doing it in chunks, but it’s looking better and I’m feeling better already!

  3. This seems to be timely. As I was tidying up a few days ago, I was struggling wether or not I should buy or replace items around the house that have been way past their prime.
    You see I have this dream to move out of this house I hate. I been having this dream to move for almost a decade and live in the country. To find and love a house( even with it’s imperfections), to have peace and quiet, not the city with close and noisy neighbors. To let my children to roam free without worrying what others think.
    Ahh to have a house to love, not a ” Hey, babe! We can fix it up and sell in 5 years!” At least husband is on board with the moving, but the timing, money and housing market is against us.
    So back to the subject- do you spend money on a house that you already dislike? Or should you spend to make things bearable and live in a somewhat cosy house even it means putting off moving yet again. Oh, what to do! I really don’t expect you ladies to come up with an answer, this is more or less venting:) I fear my excuse is starting to become” When I move, then I will get that nice piece of furniture that really want!” But then I never seem to move:(

  4. If the kitchen is messy in the middle of cooking dinner she’ll complain – on good days I can say ”Child this is the life of a home, I am cooking dinner, I’ll clean up soon, take a break, or offer an alternative, or ask her to join me” and it works, on bad days she starts flying around shoving stuff away and ends up crying. I think objectively our house is tidy and clean but not perfect at all times (3 small kids this one is the middle child). She can have a great morning and then open the coat closet door and if a coat has fallen off a hook and a few shoes are just tossed in side – she’ll start crying.

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