The Lovely Living Room

By Alison July 13, 2023 No Comments 2 Min Read

Now then, what do you think? Is it almost time for a gorgeous, brand new Brocante Room To-Do List? Why I do believe it just might be!

So on August 1st I am bringing you The Lovely Living Room, the next in my series of Weekend Room Revamp guides to help you bring a little Brocante joy in the same vein that both The Bliss of the Bedroom and The Winter Kitchen have already done.

This time though I’m going all in, expanding both the to-do lists, the essays and the puttery treats and room recipes so you can putter your way to a space that feels like true sanctuary from the world outside your door – just in time for Autumn!

So if you need to rethink your main living space, to make it feel more welcoming, cosy and calming but you haven’t got the time, money or energy to re-decorate then The Lovely Living Room is for you and will I think, make for a slow puttery project you can plan in August, and do in September (if you’ve got kids on school holiday!) or go all in and use to make your living room lovelier in just one weekend the moment it lands in your inbox.

The Lovely Living Room is FREE to all my Library members (of course!) and costs $15.00 for everyone who hasn’t got a Library tiicket, (get yours here!) .

Ready to commit to making your living room a  lovelier place to be?


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Here’s to a lovelier Living Room!x

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