The (New) tiny Joy List Is Here

By alison January 11, 2023 2 Min Read

Well heavens to Betsy I haven’t been this excited since I accidentally tripped a member of Take That up and bashed him on the head with a roll of wrapping paper! (Agreed: it could only happen to me).

You see I have been going around in circles about The Tiny Joy List, the happy little newsletter I write more often in my head than I actually send to you, because I hate to mither and I know we are all up the wall with a demented inbox and I simply didn’t want to add the noise, but truthfully rather depend on reaching out via email to keep BrocanteHome online! A kerfuffle of the catch 22 kind if ever there was one.

And moreover it is true that despite spending my days hopping around the internet I am usually far behind advances in technologies when it is highly likely that my blogging contemporaries are probably beaming news straight into their readers heads with a wiggle or their ears or something equally as outlandish and yet to make it to the antwacky lanes of West Lancashire as yet.

Which is why it has taken me a while to discover Substack: an intriguing blend of newsletter, subscription and archive that means that I can not only pop out a newsletter on a not very in your face at all monthly schedule into your inbox and should you wish in an app reminiscent of my beloved (and now defunct) Google Reader, but I can also offer a micro subscription for those who want to be a part of EVERYTHING Brocante and don’t mind paying the price of a coffee once a month to help me keep Brocante online in 2023 and continue to offer all manner of lovely, inspiring courses, downloads, blog posts and planners.

So yes. All this to say that The Tiny Joy List is now housed at Substack, which you may be already familiar with as it is a favourite of many a joyful Instagrammer, and you can hop over right now, and while it is likely your name is already on the list if you are on my email list, should you want to make doubly sure, you can subscribe right now, read the first post and upgrade your subscription in a heartbeat so that you will not only receive the Joy List, but can also look forward to a monthly Love Letter, voice notes, app chats and more besides.

Yippety doo dah: I swear once you tell the universe you are ready for your own Renaissance, she steps in to provide the tools to make it as simple as can be.

Make sure your name is on the BrocanteHome Joy List today!