The New Year House

By Alison December 10, 2022 No Comments 2 Min Read

While I do adore layering the house in Christmas, there is something deliciously cathartic about its undressing in the New Year, and as this year I want January to signify perhaps more than it has in the years gone by, this week I set about creating The New Year House, the sixth in my Seasonal House series and a gentle, calm guide to embracing renewal and domestic renaissance (my 2023 word of the year!).

Slightly longer and more in depth than my previous hugely popular Seasonal House editions, The New Year House follows a similar format with essays, puttery treats, book recommendations and more, but this time also includes a timetable for refreshing the house, thoughts on renewal, domestic detoxification and the connection between emotion and domesticity, and a set of recipes for both body and home so that you can choose to enjoy during a quiet couple of days in the New Year refreshing soul and sanctuary.

The New Year House is now live in my Etsy store, making the perfect accompaniment to The Bliss Book, and my Book of Days January plan, The NEW YEAR HOUSE will make for the loveliest of planning rituals for the first weeks of January, setting you up for a 2023 crafted according your own carefully examined vision of how you want life to be.

For those of you with LIBRARY TICKETS, you will of course find The New Year House in the BROCANTE YEAR section on the 20th of December. And for those of you without, you can still get one, and find yourself with access to ALL my pintable’s and courses for $99.00 per year OR $299.00 for a lifetime of BrocanteHome!

I’m so looking forward to sharing The New Year House with you. My mind is blazing with the loveliest of ideas as I am writing it, so I just can’t wait for it to inspire the same in you: offering us all a chance to go into 2023 feeling replenished and renewed.


Order The New Year House for the pre-launch price of $10.00 here and it will be delivered on the 20th of December.


get yourself a LIBRARY TICKET for $99.00 a yeae, HERE.


For a lifetime ay £299.00 HERE!

Here’s to a lovelier 2023!x

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