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  1. way too early for me to be thinking Christmas.. I have the wedding in October and I love to celebrate Thanksgiving in November, even though I don't live in America 🙂 I do it Australian style. We all can be thankful !

  2. Well, this is the time of year to do any of those things, for sure. I always thought about a theme/color scheme holiday… Maybe this will be that year????? I love Autumn so very much that I usually slight Christmas a little bit. You are definitely "scaring" me! haha..

  3. Oh, a kindred spirit! I get quite a lot of ribbing from friends and family because I start my Christmas planning early, but I can not abide all of the holiday rush anymore! I've had so many years when I hardly even notice the holidays whipping by because of all of the last-minute things that I have to do. It's one of the few areas of my life that is actually now organized. 🙂

  4. I start getting ready for Christmas every year around October. I make the Christmas Puddings first week in November and the tree goes up on the 1st of December. Im more excited about Christmas now Im "old" than I was as a kid. Go figure ! 🙂

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