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  1. It could only happen to you couldnt it? lol! Richard sounds like some kind of wonderful and you sound really happy,lovely! xx

  2. Ha ha ha ha!!! How funny (I suspect not so at the time, but thank goodness for little ones with small bladders!). I love how even in a small personal crisis you still 'absent mindedly polish the taps' !!!! I do that all the time!
    Happy one year anniversary Alison and Richard!! xxx
    PS: Fix that door! x (or tape a cork to it somewhere where it might prevent the door being absentmindedly shut in the meantime??)

  3. Ooh! Happy one year! What a delightful one it has been! We love to see you so happy again! Betcha the door is fixed very soon now! And, how in the world do you happen to ALWAYS have just the right illustration?
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  4. You do indeed sound happy. I can relate to this sort of mania…my life is crazy right about now but also a happy crazy. Loved the bathroom tale and so glad Fin inadvertently rescued you! Whew!
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