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  1. I've had a couple of similar experiences with the dresser catching on fire because of candles and tea-lights LOL!!!
    glad you are both o.k. though.

  2. Oh bless you Queen! I've got to work with my slippers on before (via the 82 bus to be precise) Don't worry about it, there is a trend in Liverpool at the moment for people to go in to town in their pyjamas…. I say go with the flow and wear a different nightie every Thursday from now on!

  3. Oh that's classic! Glad you are all alright. Finley is so precious, and he serves as a trusty fire alarm!!

  4. I'm nearly crying here from laughter! I can just see this sight so clearly and it sounds like my kind of day! I'm so thankful you can find humor in writing all of it rather than staying down in the heap on the Laura Ashley rug! Delightful, Princess!

  5. what a morning! but I am enchanted by the idea of breakfast by candlelight,and intrigued by the violet and basil scented water? explain dear Housekeeper.xx

  6. I can't wait to you publish all of your delightful tales in one book. I'll be the first one to buy it! You're are such a gifted writer.

  7. Well, you didn't want an ORDINARY Thursday morning, did you? Oh, honey. I'm glad no disaster happened. Princess dress indeed… Glad Finley was such a vivid descriptor so you caught the "pretty" thing in time. Sorry about your pretty cloths, but it wouldn't have done to wait for the sexy firemen. DRATS! Happy Friday, sweetie. There's always the weekend. Love, G.

  8. Oh no….What a delightful little man Finley is…so glad it wasn't worse…very thankful that you and Finley are alright! Hugs Alison!

  9. Oh this is priceless! And you told the story so beautifully! Bless you, Alison – better days ahead. You're on the right track – keep being good to yourself; you deserve it!

  10. Oh my gosh, you've given me quite a giggle!!! AND, weren't those other yummy mummies impressed that you not only got him to the nursery (dont need to tell them about the princess dress, but of course), but that you saved your home & child from fire on the way there!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. PS-I agree with the other posters that Finley has such a wonderful way of saying things–I think that there may be another talented writer in the family????

  12. What a fabulous tale. So glad you were both ok tho, phew!
    Just popped over to see what delicious musings you have for me and what a surprise I got to see my French Fabric on your ebay wish list! Thank you for that, you are a sweetie ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Alison, I don't know how you do it! You have the most delightful gift of turning a potential disaster into the sweetest story ever!
    I'm glad you and Fin are all good and you managed to pick yourself up from the Laura Ashley rug and carry on ๐Ÿ™‚
    Much love to you both xxx

  14. How frightening for you, but you coped so deliciously, and managed to still be a princess through it all. Good for you.
    Many years ago, I woke one early morning to my little one sitting calmly in his high chair holding his singed blanket, and watching the fire he had started by turning on the stove.

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