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  1. Alison:
    You nearly made me spit out my tea I was laughing so hard! Oh, you lovely person…well, perhaps this nice guy is just really not quite the one. My mother always told me to find a man who looks at you like you are everything to him (even with a nail stuck to your nose!)
    Anna Marie

  2. Thanks for making me laugh Alison!
    Anna Marie said:
    "My mother always told me to find a man who looks at you like you are everything to him (even with a nail stuck to your nose!)"
    Well, when we were dating the first time my husband ever told me he loved me was when I had vomited on the bus back to Guadalajara from Tequila, Mexico! I was sooo sick the whole way, (can you guess why? Tequila! Lots of it and it was free!) and I thought he would never want to speak to me again! That evening when I was more or less all better, he uttered those 3 beautiful words to me. Right then and there I knew he was a keeper 🙂

  3. I pretty much gaffawed out loud at your story. Not laughing at you (well, perhaps a WEE bit…smile), but with you because, once again, you can see the humor in your own situation. Gotta love that in a person. It’s quite CHARMING.

  4. That was hilarious! ha ha Oh you are a doll for sharing! That is sooo funny! You described everything to a "T". I could perfectly picture the entire seen in my head as if I were in your dining room! ha ha Oh my stars that was funny! ha ha Seriously though, you are very funny! You need to come to the USA and write for Hollywood, they are on strike right now you know, so there isn't anything good on TV to watch. I know you could have your own reality show! They would sign you for years and voila, your money problem solved! ha ha Have a great day!

  5. Laughing out loud here, too, but only because I do think you are bewitching and charming and if he was able to make it through the evening without running off, I think he may deserve more than a second glance.

  6. Just like all the rest of us afterall. Glad to hear it. Not that you need a another story but when I was interviewing for my very first real job, the boss excused himself for a moment saying he had to go talk to a man about a dog (who knew that it meant he needed to use the restroom?!). Of course when he returned I did indeed ask him, “How’s the dog?” Should have seen his face! Blessings… Polly

  7. OMG!!
    Thankfully I haven't taken a swig of my tea yet … I read Anna Marie's comment!! Oh Dear one….did you ever get the blasted thing off???

  8. I honestly think you are my twin. I once went an entire evening with a fingernail stuck in my hair. Nine beautiful nails stayed in place. I later asked a friend why she didn't tell me and she said she thought it was a hair barrett!! LOL
    Thsnks for making me laugh!!

  9. …before we moved house I had a lovely neighbour who was also single with a child like yourself. I used to live vicariously through her dating stories until that fateful day that she too glued a false nail…to HER LIP!!! And it would not budge… we spent the evening in A& in tow. As the date turned out to be not a nice sort (he laughed so much he was snorting) she regarded the incident as fate..a lucky escape!!!

  10. I have to say that everytime you write about the things that happen to you, I just shake my head – “Well, she’s done it again!”
    You have the most extrordinary things happen to you… I’m so glad you are humble enough to share them with us! Your writing ALWAYS brightens my day..:)

  11. LOL..I can so see this happening! as Anna Marie noted..hopefully he looked passed the nail glued to the nose..but if not..well..there will be someone who will.
    p.s. am having a wee drawing over on my blog if you feel like joining in..or maybe a few of the gals that visit here may wish to join in.

  12. This reminds me of the very first post of yours that I ever read. I first discovered this lovely blog on the day you baked a fingernail into some fish, I believe it was. I’ve been enamored, envious, sympathetic, cheering of you and the gorgeous life you’ve made for yourself ever since. Thank you for daily making my life a little bit more special–even if you are all the way over across the “pond.”

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