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  1. This is such a good post…
    After having lost almost everything that was dear to me when a tornado took not only my home, but 95% of my town of Greensburg, Kansas, I'm afraid I may not be able to find 127 things left that are important to me…

  2. Such interesting items… Umm…. did you put knickers on your list? It had to be asked, and I missed it if you did! hahahaha…. Who needs knickers anyway? Did you get something from me yet?

  3. Alison, I know behind this list and the humor is a lot of pain. I know because you and I are floating in parallel boats these days. I shall pray that you are moving on to much better things because there is a plan and it isn't living under the bridge. Blessings…

  4. I might do this list!! If I can think of enough things 😉
    Thanks for making me laugh out loud…especially 102…
    Ouissi x

  5. Living in San Diego, California where Fire is the fifth season here we only get time to grab kids, pets, photo books and the insurance contact numbers! But I like your list.

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  7. That’s a very cute list! It’s always fun to see what’s important to everyone. I try to do regular deep cleaning and pretty much keep only things I love and use.

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