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  1. Oh I feel for you Alison!! Luckily, I only share a bathroom (which is tiny!) with my husband, my son has, oddly, a much larger bathroom that he uses and shares with overnight guests, as well as a half bath off the kitchen that everyone uses. You would think 3 bathrooms would be great to have, but that’s 3 toilets, 3 sinks, 2 bath tubs and 2 showers to clean. As you well know, a 12 year old boy makes a giant mess in the bathroom-and 12 year old boys have a different definition of “clean” than their mothers! All that being said, if anyone in the world can make your situation not only workable, but beautifully workable, it’s you!

  2. We also share one teeny tiny bathroom in our house, currently shared between 8 people myself, my husband my 5 children aged between 17 and 1 and my best friend who found herself on the wrong side of the housing shortage back in march. War Zone lol i have literally had to split up fights at the bathroom door haha!

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