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  1. Yes, yes, yes!!! I thought I was the only one who like to breakout of my boring, everyday self. If I only knew what that would be. Thank you so much for this post!

  2. Go say hi!!!! Casually walk by and tell her you love her caravan. Stick out your hand to shake hers and say “Hi, my name is Alison…” Maybe she is your friend in waiting. Maybe she’d love to meet you. And… isn’t it fascinating to think the impact that any one of us could be making in the world just by our presence without realizing it? Who could be stalking any one of us right now? But the connections are never made because we all live in our bubble of what’s considered socially acceptable ways of interacting.

  3. Oh, to be the deliciously authentic mystery woman…I think we all possess some version of her within us…but we’re just waiting to get the nerve to set her free.

  4. Oh Alison, lovey – go and ring her doorbell and simply look at her and say “help me be free” and I guarantee she will do!
    Meanwhile, paint your toenails metallic beetle-wing-green. It’s a start…

  5. Tell her you’d like to interview her for your blog. I’d like to meet her, too.
    She makes me think of Tasha Tudor – an artist who left the world behind to follow her heart…living on a farm, gardening, painting, and all the while dressed in dresses from another era, including bonnets and aprons. She inspires!
    When I retired I said I’d never put on another pair of pantyhose, wear long skirts and flip flops. Ive done it. (tried to put on a pair of pantyhose recently, but couldn’t manage it – I’m too stiff!) LOL – Oh well.
    Oh, I quit shaving my legs, too. Yeaaah – I feel so FREE!

  6. Yes, say hello! I love the idea of asking to interview her for your blog; as Gigi said, I’d love to meet her, too.

  7. I’m thirding the suggestion from Gigi of going and ringing the doorbell or simply talking to her over the garden wall, asking if you can interview her for your blog!
    Go on – it’s the perfect excuse! We really DO all want to meet her too!

  8. Oh how fun! ? Maybe we can let the wild lady out just a bit at a time? ? Maybe no one will notice until it’s too late! ?

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