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  1. Not at ALL terrible. How much better to be vain for him than not care less if he is in nappies or pants or not even notice?! I hope when the time comes I shall be a good Brocante Mum too, and have somewhere I can go where you will understand because you have been there already! I do love how I can come here to Brocante Home and feel I am in such good company- I feel 'normal' and special and validated all at the same time!

  2. I am laughing, because my little girl slept through the night after three weeks, and like Finley never has had a sleepless night. She was a breeze, she crawled, walked, and talked early. But….. she did not want to get potty trained either. Finally, on a long holiday weekend at 2 years and 6 months, we got rid of the diapers and spent a nasty nasty three day weekend in a miserable battle of wills (with mop, soap and disenfectant in hand). Never fear, it will happen. And, if you could choose, you would pick an articulate, puzzle working, good sleeper of a son over a perfectly potty trained bore.

  3. Alison, you go with the "flow"! Finley will let you know when he is ready. I felt the same way; I am a child development graduate who helped potty-train dozens of kids when I taught toddlers for years at the university here. It's different at home, in reality! My kids were never interested until after 3, and I tried (sometimes failed) to not make a big deal out of it. When they were ready, they did it fast. I read it takes 9 months on average to go through the entire potty training process. ENJOY some more time in diapers. He'll not go to college in diapers, so do NOT worry!!
    Hang in there. You're doing great! He's brilliant and adorable!!

  4. Finley is a dear. You are a great mom. It will happen when it happens. I always heard little boys were harder to train than girls. My daughter was trained by her babysitter in one short week at age 1 1/2 while I was toiling away in hospital surgery every day. I was thankful but a bit sad it was not me who shared that big step with her. My sister had a girl and two boys. The girl was easy as pie…the boys were terrors! My sister got the deed done by insisting they accompany Dad on every potty trip, theirs and his. Having an agreeable dad is essential. The little guys copied daddy and he praised and encouraged and "instructed" and soon the males of the house all stood to "rain" as big little men should. Good luck to you and hang in there. He is still a precious little one and once he is totally independent, there will be a small space of longing on your part. I know……

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