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  1. Good idea. How is that Oprah is getting more and more lovey, and I'm….. not, to say the least. Hmmm… Must be doing something wrong. I ain't proud of that!

  2. Oh Savannah! Whatever Oprah is doing….its agreeing with her…She looks better as she gets older. Maybe it is all that goodness and kindness and charity she is doing for humanity. But please dont put yourself down. Just remember Oprah didnt change diapers/nappies and get up in the middle of the nite to comfort her babies. We are doing our best in our own little circle with our families and friends. Thats where it all starts… home ! Hugssss

  3. How did I NOT see this??? What a great idea … gonna try this one! Love her or hate her (and Oprah did take a slide in my book with the whole Hermes thing but, hey, I wasn't there), there's no-one who does 'feel good' better than Opie!!!

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