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  1. I dug out all the Seasonals today. We definitely need more. I like a leisurely pace into and out of the Holidays so for me, this is the right time to start.

  2. Oh my goodness, yet more fabulous pearls of genius wisdom!
    I somehow always manage to get it all back to front though – I have already been lulled into buying Xmas scented fabric conditioner (oh yes my friend!) from M&S, and umpteen Xmas scented air fresheners and oils, and new napkins, and table centre pieces, etc etc, just so I'm ready to turn the house all festive on Dec 1st – even though we are somehow (???!!) rather lacking in funds…. oh dear. Should have read this months ago…
    Trouble is, because I am always clearing out and making space, I have nothing left worth selling on e-bay! What's a girl to do?
    I have SO been living out of the freezer and store cupboard for a few weeks now, that practically EVERYTHING is going to need replacing and stocking up – and that's not even for Xmas stuff!
    I am in a pickle, and I haven't even started gift buying yet.

  3. This list makes the best sense I’ve seen lately. Everything else is a rehash of 1956, 1967, 1978, 1982, you know what I mean! I’m feeling inspired, truly inspired. Thanks!

  4. Thanks for the great advice, I love the pre-Christmas detox and the never quite knowing what random dinner my mum will prepare me! I am living the secret this year and my Christmas list was created with visual images to welcome them to me.

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