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  1. But my brain hurts……
    I don't even know how to create links and stuff – doh!
    Though the prizes sound SO tempting to try and understand the question…

  2. 1. Empty food pantry
    2. Remove shelves
    3. Paint pantry a soft shade of pink, blue, green or ivory.
    4. Replace shelves.
    5. Put up wallpaper border of choice.
    6. Put coordinating wallpaper or shelf paper on shelves.
    7. Replace hideously ugly plastic food containers with glass or ceramic jars, attractively labeled.
    8. Replace jars on shelves. If you're really nuts, do it in alphabetical order.
    9. Use pantry as a placebo:
    I am neat!
    I am tidy!
    I am organized!
    Martha Stewart, eat your heart out!

  3. Oh, I just found this challenge last weekend and had picked one out to enter, but time got away from me. I will definitely be entering now that I have a few days of reprieve.
    I'll have to go back and see if I can figure out exactly how I'm supposed to let you know about the entry.

  4. Don't worry, the links aren't as hard as you think. Open an extra internet window, and when you want to put a link to Brocante Home, use your spare internet screen to go to Brocante Home, then click on the web address, highlight it, copy it and paste it into your post.
    Then, when you have finished your post, click on the title of your post, then copy and paste that weblink into your comment that you leave on Alisons Puttery Treats Challenge post…..hope this isn't clear as mud!

  5. I really wanted to enter. I got started, but the results struck me as so banal and commonplace, I figured I'd spare myself the embarrassment.
    Good luck to everyone who is giving it a go. That Mrs Beaton game is beautiful!

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