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  1. OK, the question we ALL want answered: When will you write your book?
    Or, alternatively, because somehow I can't help thinking that was a bit rude: Could you name your five favourite writers and why you love them?

  2. If you were to imagine yourself an old fashioned movie star who would you most likely to be? I fess up I am Liz Taylor!(without the seven husbands I hasten to add)

  3. First let me say that I'm LOVING the idea of this book! Now on to the nosy, pushy stuff… in five words describe your best girl friend. Will you be coming to America any time this year? When's that book coming out? Any chance we could get you your own tv show? Is Brocante Home your primary occupation? What do you do when you're not homemaking or mothering?

  4. I want to see your house! With your awsome puttery ness.. I only imagine…I want to see 🙂
    I love how you have changed my home!

  5. I have a two-year-old, so I now understand that children, lovely as they are, are like little tornados in the home. So, what is your secret for having lovely fragile vintage things in a home with a small child, and not ending up with your head in your hands asking "can we just not have nice things until the kids are grown?" 🙂

  6. How do you spend a day at home?(along this line of questioning ~are you mostly home during the week, do you have one day that you run all of your errands? )

  7. I ordered that cool book through your link-anything to keep me writing at least a little bit everyday. As for the question…part of the reason I enjoy your blog so much is that it gives me a sneak peek into British life. The food, the terms you use for things that I have to look up on google to see what they are (chuckie egg buttie), the places you travel to, etc. is all very facsinating to me. It's like you live a life similar to mine, but in a different romanticized (to me) way. Is there anything about America or Americans that fascinates you, tickles your fancy, or absolutely horrifies you? What is your impression of Americans-and yes, I'll take the bad with the good.

  8. Yes, I do find diaries and journals to be a bit lopsided. Mine make me out to be the most neurotic creature on earth. Which is why I end up destroying them eventually. Perhaps something like this would help.
    So my question for you:
    Describe your alter ego – what you would be like or who you would be in a totally different life.

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