The Round Television

By Alison August 8, 2008 1 Min Read


I am going out to buy a TV today. It is a teeny flat screened affair I was quite excited about until I came across this super duper version of a multi media thing from an era gone by. Look! The tv is round! And there’s a radio! And a shelf for your 78’s!

I love it. A skinny flat screen with integral this and extra that will never compare. Why do technology types like to pretend we all live on spaceships? What happened to space saving wonders like tv’s that pretend to be cabinets? Televisions made out of hardwood and shiny gold trim. Style Mister?? What ever happened to good old fashioned style?? The kind that had never heard of chrome and wouldn’t tolerate digital ready ugliness?! No wonder interior magazines like to pretend nobody ever watches TV.

(Now let’s pretend I didn’t used the dubious expression that is "super-duper"in this post and we’ll all feel much better won’t we?)

Have a lovely weekend.

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