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  1. I’m playing catch up, reading posts that I missed recently, and this Scooby Doo post really made me smile. I love to comfort myself with the episodes from the old tv cartoon series The Flintstones from the 60’s. Watching The Flintstones when I was a kid is what made me decide that I would grow up and be a wife and mother and clean my house with an elephant for a vacuum cleaner, a piggy under the sink for a garbage disposal, and whatever the hell that crazy looking bird was, as my mop!!! I didn’t exactly want to marry a Fred Flintstone, but I wanted the life of keeping house, cooking for my husband, and having my best friend live next door so we could talk through our windows!!! What would we do without old cartoons? Today the Flintstones would probably be banned because it’s sexist, violent, (Fred’s always punching Barney) and abusive because Fred yells at Wilma if dinner is late. Well, screw the critics, I have all the dvd’s!!!!

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