The Scrub Shopping List, Part One

By Alison February 4, 2010 No Comments 2 Min Read

Ok Sweetie Pies it is time to go scrub-shopping! If we are going to get down and dirty during the seasonal scrub we need to have all the right products and equipment at hand.
Remember when I said that when it comes to Scrub Club, the rules are there are no rules? Housekeepers, I lied. There is a rule, and break it m’dears and you will be damned! Ready for it?
No bleach! Ya hear me?? No bleach!

No Mr Muscle. No Jif with bleach. No Cillit Bang (Please Lord, no Cillit Bang!). Nothing mean at all. Nothing that gets up your nose and burns your delicate little nostrils. Nothing Housekeepers, that MAKES YOUR HOUSE SMELL LIKE A SWIMMING POOL!
While I don’t expect everybody to have the time, energy or even the inclination to make all their cleaning products themselves, you simply won’t get the best out of the Scrub or indeed the BrocanteHome way of life, if you don’t choose non-toxic, or indeed organic cleaning products. There are so many good non-toxic options on the market now that there really is no excuse for using anything else!
While there are some quite simply darling cleaning product lines available from the rather wonderful Mrs Meyers, to Method, and the utterly scrumptious Good Home Company, using those products exclusively would cost a small fortune, so it makes a lovely compromise to choose one or two favourites from the luxury ranges, supplemented with a few products from a budget green range like Ecover, (which is almost fragrance free and thus rather wonderful for adding your own aromatherapy oils to), and a range of basics like household soap, soap flakes, lemon juice, white vinegar and a pail of elbow grease.
Tomorrow I will provide a more detailed list of home-made cleaning product ingredients and the day after a lovely little list of Housekeepers Tools of the Trade…
Scrub a dub dub Honey Buns!

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