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  1. Oh, this is good to read!

    Echoing Katy’s comments, and standing up to applaud you wildly in a standing ovation for stepping out of the shadows into the sunlight! Hurrah! Brava! Hurrah!

  2. Absolutely echo the others thoughts – this was a lovely read and your course sounds perfect. I look forward to hearing what you learn. Also, only yesterday I got out my printed copy of your 365 days of housekeeping and am starting to work through it again – and loving it all over again. My house feels so much lovelier when I take care of it little tiny bit by bit each day rather than trying to storm through and make it “perfect” once a week. Thank you for all your work Alison and I look forward very much to the second chapter!

  3. Alison…you echo my feelings. Having spent a good part of my life raising a daughter and two grandchildren (oh and husband too) I now find myself with the focus of what do I want. Me. It’s liberating and scary at the same time. I’ve been pondering and meditating on it and feel like I am getting closer to the ME I want to be for this “third Chapter”. I’m 73 and I do have another chapter in me.
    You are courageous to step out into where you are going. Congratulations! And thank you for sharing your new adventure with us. You are inspiring me to start my next chapter too!

  4. Awww, Lovely Sister 🌸, I am SO excited for you!! A big YES, YES, YES to everything you wrote! I adore your writing. It’s like you pluck the words right out of our heart gardens and put them into the loveliest of bouquets for all of us to enjoy. I’d be right there with you with my little, vintage camper complete with bunting and faerie lights!! Oh what fun we’d have!! 😆🥰

  5. Those birthday milestones so often encourage us to shake things up and evaluate our lives. I will turn 60 in August and am feeling some stirrings within. I look forward to following along on your new adventure.

  6. This happened to me many years ago and I found a treasure which helped me miraculously! A workbook called “ Build your own Rainbow” by Barrie Hopson and Mike Scully.
    I hauled it out recently as I am lost in my early retirement! I am also hampered by waiting four years for a hip replacement, which means I am now almost bed-bound. It isn’t right for me, but in my early forties it was a wonderful process and outcome, for changing my career and lifestyle! I cannot recommend it highly enough for those who don’t know where to begin.
    (My only tip is think about completing the book ‘physically’. I was pleased that I wrote everything in a separate book).

  7. I am interested to see how you incorporate your new information into this site. One of the things that I struggle with is that maybe banana bread and tea feed my soul, but I can’t stop at one slice… and being a sugar junkie and perpetually 20lbs overweight makes me feel very unhappy. Fortunately I love running, but there is nothing “puttery treatish” about donning lycra and going to the gym. Being a “bad ass” seems the opposite of the cozy-cuddly-home lover.

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