The Shabby Chic Bin

By Alison August 5, 2008 1 Min Read


Hell’s bells, Rachel Ashwell must rue the day she coined the term "Shabby Chic" and the world and its maiden aunt started commandeering it left, right and centre in order to flog all manner of dubious items.

Take the bin above, currently being sold on Ebay by ShabbyChicLife of Derby. This is, according to the seller a "Shabby Chic Vintage Metal Dust Rubbish Bin" which though currently being used to "store bits of wood, could be decorated and used as storage."

Well yes, I suppose it could. Attend to the rust, get busy with the spray paint and voila you will end up with something useful and possibly even pretty, but something that will still remain a million miles away from being Shabby Chic.

Enough said?

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