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  1. Bless you, Alison. I found your blog from a mention in Sarah’s new edition of Simple Abundance, and I absolutely love it. I started at the beginning and read your entire blog this month…what an incredible journey you’ve had! Looking forward to reading more. Wishing you and your family all things good!

  2. I look forward to your blog and check for a new post almost daily! I love your writing! You clearly are thoughtful of your readers. To that end, I throw out my opinion here — I beg you to refrain from political remarks, I would not expect or want you to engage in forced cheeriness and ignore all that affects our world. But Brocante Home is one of the few precious respites from ugliness. Please, no more remarks about our US President.
    Please, no blasts from other readers – this is just a request, submitted with respect.

  3. Allison,
    If you honestly believe that is an accurate description of our president and how he views the people he leads, then I encourage you to dig a little deeper. I would encourage you to start by watching some YouTube videos by Dr. Karlyn Borysenko. She had an extremely negative view of our president and those who support him until she actually investigated it firsthand and in person. What she discovered was not at all what she expected.

    1. Sallie, thank you for letting us know about the organizational psychologist, Dr.. Borusenko. I’m reading & watching some of her. Quite an interesting young woman!

  4. Alison, your words bring to light the many and varied feelings we are experiencing. Reading them allows me to recognize them in myself and my world. That helps so that I know I am not alone in realizing that this time allowed me to clearly see what is really important. Preparing new meals for the family, having scrabble tournaments with the grandkids, having time just for me. Just me without wasting precious time scrolling social media for the fake life. Sadly part of this is the words and effect of those words spoken by the president. I choose to ignore and focus on the positive that these last few months have brought to the surface. The old “normal” is gone and now we can create a new, better normal.
    Be well Alison and I look forward to your words.

  5. I am glad you have made it back! Your choices in birthdates don’t include me.. I am four years too old for your list. And I could only hope Brocante Home will not join the ranks of non-political things-identities-personalities-businesses-havens that have chosen to bow to a political or “moral” agenda. I will always love you Alison! Your site is scrumptious, as always, once I get in and enjoy your beautiful and dedicated world.

    1. Oooh now, Gayla, I think the ages are set by the theme but I will look into that straight away. I would hate to be discriminating by age!! And no Brocante will never be political. While Im only himan and occasionally say things I cannot always hold in (but probably should!) I too have been dismayed by how political much of the internet has become lately. And Gayla, love you too always.x

  6. I too feel sad at what was and now is not, at how my hope that the awful pandemic would turn us all into nicer human beings and of course it has not accomplished that. I have turned inward to my immediate family in my home and am cherishing all that it is. I am not engaging in the political turmoil, and I am turning to simpler things. I cannot control this crazy world that is suddenly rather scary and worrying, all I can control is myself and I am now taking control of who I am and what I want once again. Many times I have been on this journey, and every so often you have to look again and take a different road. I am focusing on family, home and health and this wonderful site is a part of that journey. I also am allowing myself to go silver haired, no more color for me. I do not want my daughters thinking the only way to beauty is through coloring your hair. I wish I had done it years ago, I actually like the silver. Because I am older I am sure I will get negative comments, my hairdresser has already disowned me, but I do not care. Life is about far more precious things than hair color, and the current crisis in the world. I want to embrace the gentler kinder side of life. Thanks Alison for this lovely site it is appreciated more than you can imagine.

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