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  1. Thank you for spilling your heart. Some people say that blogging is going out of style, that photo diaries are the new rage on the Internet, but I disagree about the blogging. We need to hear the words, the healing phrases, and even the pain. So again, thank you.

  2. Oh, Allison, this story SO touches my heart. You are right, there is a stigma attached to mental illness, and it absolutely should not be so. We would never tell the cancer patient to “just get over it.” Why do we do that to the one who suffers with mental illness?

  3. Oh wow Alison. How full of grace you are in the sharing of you and your beautiful family’s challenges. Of course you are perfectly correct in that we do not share our challenges in a strong, healthy way and so suffer alone. From one woman to another Bravo Love, Bravo. ♥️

  4. Both my husbands (divorced the first, will be doing so with number two, unfortunately) come from horribly dysfunctional childhoods marred by alcoholism and domestic violence. I do seem to attract men with massive emotional baggage. Maybe I’m the one who needs therapy?
    Both acknowledged there were problems, but flatly refuse to do anything about it. its impossible to continue to give sympathy and support to someone who refuses to help themselves. At least it is for me. I retire in four years and I want a peaceful one with the ability to do what I want, enjoy my grandchildren and not have to run my life around someone else’s moods and bad temper. I’m happy for you both that Stephen is finding his way down the long, difficult road that is Recovery.

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