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  1. Oh, I love your pages, but this one really spoke to me!!
    I think we “cushioned” ladies are so much happier, and I’m (mostly), pleased to be one, especially with someone like you!

  2. ha ha ha! actually I think Ma Larkin is beautiful! but I hear what you are saying, I have nearly killed myself scrubbing floors,washing stairs etc. today, but I went and spoiled all that calorie burning with a milky coffee and a doorstep size piece of madeira cake!

  3. It's a vicious cycle: Too tired to do house work, so you sit too much and gain weight. You gain weight which makes you more tired to get up and do house work, so you sit more and gain more weight, so now you're much too tired to do house work, so you sit even more and gain even more …
    Good article, Alison. I for one have found myself in the above cycle, but it can be broken! Thanks.

  4. ..I was so upset last year looking at my son's wedding pictures that no one had told me I was carrying a shelf hiney big enough to put trinkets on behind me… who knew???? gives " cleaning my butt off" a new meaning!!

  5. Yeah I’m a cushioned lady and proud of it. I read an article some time ago(in You magazine I think)which voiced the opinion that women of a certain age tend to go one of two ways; they either become obsessed with their figures and looks and trying to regain their lost youth; or,they become comfortable with their bodies, age gracefully, and take up new interests, hobbies, travelling, reading, further education etc etc. I know what club I’d rather join!
    Great post.

  6. Hi
    I shall remember all that today as I rush round trying to restore order to chaos I still resemble Ma Larkin though but didn't she have a fantastic err sex life!!

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