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  1. Does this sleep disturbance affect his health? I have read that light sleepers and sleepwalkers sometimes have achy muscles, even fibromyalgia. Poor Mark…. and POOR you! I can imagine the first time you found out about this! Wow… pillow talk, indeed! Tell Mark good luck on the new job.

  2. That was funny! My dad use to be a volunteer fire fighter and as he got older he stopped. One night in the dead of winter the town fire alarm went off, he jumped up and put on his jeans and ran down stairs. He had not went to a fire in a few years but my mom thought that he wanted to start helping again. About 10 minutes later, he came back home a little upset. He woke up about 6 blocks down the road. In his car,in winter, no shirt on. He had did all that in his sleep. Kind of scary! But my mom loves telling that story and she will laugh almost every time.

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