The (Slightly Demented) Happy Boogie!

By Alison March 28, 2008 31 Comments 0 Min Read


Housekeepers, from tomorrow I will be back online full time. No more haunting libraries or harassing my Mum. Broadband will be live in my living room. Normal service will be resumed: regular posts, inane meanderings, scrumptious stores, desirable auction items, book recommendations to die for, forum posts, puttery treats and emails answered in a timely manner…

I’m so excited to be back. Love you all.x


  1. Helen S says:

    That is such wonderful news Alison! So excited to hear that news even if I have til Monday when I'm back at work (BOO!) X

  2. Sasha says:

    Hurrah, Hurrah, Hurrah!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Tracy says:

    Yay! This is fabulous news, dahling!

  4. Carlie says:

    Oh golly!!! I can't wait!!! I'm so excited too!!! Please, please do a Seasonal Scrub this spring!!!!

  5. Sharon S says:

    Hurray! So very glad. Good things to look forward to!

  6. Holly says:

    I'm with Carlie on this one, my house needs a seasonal scrub.
    Glad you'll be back.

  7. Victoria says:

    Be good to have your back properly!!

  8. Lorelei says:

    Great news Alison!

  9. HappyApple says:

    Best news of the day!

  10. Snehal says:

    Yahoooooooo! I’m so happy!

  11. Fantastic news! You’ve done brilliantly to soldier on from the library or your mum’s, but this will be so much easier for you and we’ll hear from you more often. Ahhhh, life is good.

  12. Polly says:

    Dancin’ a jig here in the snow! Blessings… Polly

  13. Katherine says:

    I am looking forward to reading you daily again!!! I am so excited…this might even inspire me to spring clean, LOL.

  14. Gill says:

    Yay! I’m so pleased for you, if I were a rich man (do be do be do be do be do be do be doo)….well, rich woman, I’d have bought you a new pc long ago just to make it easy for you to post and enthrall us. Goodbye library and book sniffing lech, hello again cyber-world.

  15. Melissa says:

    Yeah!!! I am so glad!!!

  16. Anita says:

    This is the best news I've heard ALL WEEK! Woo Hoo!!

  17. julie says:

    So happy to have you back!

  18. Amy Jo says:

    YAY!!! *happy dance*

  19. Barbara says:


  20. La Chouette says:

    Ze French bravo: Hourrah, hourrah, vive Brocante Home, longue vie à Brocante Home!

  21. gena says:

    Great news! looking forward to reading lots of new exciting posts xx

  22. Debbi says:

    We are all a twitter! Such delightful news!

  23. Jacquie Kernick says:

    Oh boy, oh boy….can’t wait! Really glad you’re all set up and raring to go.
    Did I tell you….I can’t wait!!!! (lol)

  24. Louise Wyndham says:

    Congratulations. That’s great news!

  25. Amy says:

    woo hooo! You go girl – welcome back 🙂

  26. Sandi says:

    Great news! Can’t wait to be reading what you have to say more often.

  27. mimi xxx says:

    So pleased to have you back my dear! Hurrah! Cups of tea all round to celebrate I think!

  28. Lisa says:

    yay! so happy to hear you’ll be back!!

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