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      1. Hello Alison,
        Thank you for your kind words. Our tearoom is “dream come true” directly from the hand of God! Only He could put together something this wonderful, down to the finest detail. May he bless your business “beyond what you could ask or think”, too!
        I recently purchased your “Seasonal Scrub” which I’ll attempt to apply to this big, old house! Blessings, Audrey

  1. we do the same here, only out in the back pasture with a slightly neurotic cat who brings us voles. the tea is very good, however.

  2. Dear Alison,
    This is absolutely lovely and wise and I am grateful you shared it. I am just returned from a few days cure (tho' it was with my husband and wine and a river beach!) that did a world of good for us….this reminds me to do it in smaller ways at home. I think the key is finding the right ingredients for each of us…which might or might not mean a dog…perhaps just the birds in the trees?

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