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  1. Alison dear, I feel much the same way. Thankfully, Brocante Home is one of the simple pleasures that help me through. ?

  2. I recognize this state of mind….I alternate between that and utter fatigue whereupon I lose all motivation for absolutely everything but lying down and reading. My weather woe is that it’s too bloody hot here..I scurried out at 6am to plant a couple of shrubs but by 10am it’s unbearable. Ugh.
    Your boy is the wisest of souls….how absolutely marvelous to be so known. xo

  3. Yes! Yes! Yes! You have eloquently described the indescribable. That sense of just being off, and not knowing which way to go. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Alison once again I both feel for you and with you. The terrible middle is such a great way to describe it and I have felt exactly the same. I feel the world is behaving badly, especially in the UK and I’m so CROSS with ‘people’. I’m disappointed that we aren’t better, that nothing has been learnt and they can’t take their rubbish home. Grrr! I’m just not feeling nice so thank you for giving us a place to curl up with you, Finley and Monty and retreat from the madness.

  5. Oh dear girl, it is the terrible middle isn’t it? I have felt all the same. We are in the midst of replacing 20 year old floor coverings thanks to a puppy who couldn’t stop ripping up the vinyl kitchen floor tear (in my heart I’m thankful because it’s what finally convinced my husband it was time). But before we do that, we have to repair a soft spot by the back door. So we are in repair mode in several areas. There are empty boxes everywhere, waiting for me to fill them to the brim with belongings that will impede the progress of the floor repairs. But I am also decluttering everything as I go. Add to that some upheaval at work and a new person to train all the while 3 important people were on vacation the same week (who’s idea was that!?) and then it’s been so sordidly hot here when it’s not raining buckets. But the worst middle is that the whole world, especially my beloved country, has gone totally mad bonkers. I take joy in the fact that Brocante Home is my safe place, in whatever form it takes at the moment. We are in this together my dear girl.

  6. I think I know exactly how you feel. In my world nothing’s quite as it should be. In reality I’m a lucky one, good job though reduced pay for 4 months and non for two haven’t helped things but all in all I’m very lucky. What I can’t get my head round is my feeling of helplessness and insecurity. I am a retired nurse and it breaks my heart when people blithely talk about ICU and ventilators as if they’re a cure all and I could also cry or scream at the utterly selfish, inconsiderate behaviour of people who should know better. History tells us everything passes eventually, I hope it’s right.

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