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  1. Oh lovey! Oh, you poor thing… oh, hurrah for our NHS, boo hiss for silly triage nurses who over-err on the side of caution but have no need to scare you silly into the bargain…
    Laura x

  2. I realize that all the trauma you went thru is not a bit funny, but I couldn’t help but smile a bit wickedly because I knew in the end that you would be okay. Your sense of humor has carried you through again!

  3. Please forgive me…I know it was horribly torrid…but the way you described all of it made me laugh out loud. I love the idea of “operation sort yourself out” as we all get to that point sooner or later. I do relate in so many ways having gone through similar circumstances. I’m glad you and your dad are on the mend.

  4. Wow! It does take a certain nature to have the week you had and be able to write something that both pulls at one’s heart strings and makes one laugh out loud! I hope you are without anything at all (other than a sleeve, perhaps) under your arm before too long!

  5. Boy do I identify with this bonkers torridity! As a companion on your pre-menopausal journey, I do not know my own body or mind much anymore. Glad you are better. Grateful you shared.

  6. I do hope you are completely well by now.
    Also, since the word “torrid” has a different meaning here in the U. S. (ardent, passionate) I kept waiting for the story to take a different turn. 😉

    1. Oh Deanna this made me giggle: I do so wish I had had a torrid night of that sort! (And I do believe I may have made up this meaning of torrid!)x

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